Monday, September 11, 2006

Being One

We used to be 1 -
a strong, entrenched flagpost on an Iwo Jima.
Self-contained, irreducable One,
indivisible, under the God of numbers.

Then something happened --
defying explanations and in clear violation
of eternal laws, --
two (a wh0re of a number).

And as two,
we were square-rooted into irrationality,
forced to seek even-numbered happiness
with any willing partner.

But memories of being One
still hang over our heads --
we are still
of each other.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


A lemon shriveled in the sun,
sits someone -- once a woman.
Her womanly juices have long since evaporated,
expelled with years of blood and tears.
A sexless creature of day-to-day worries.

I wonder what is in her heart of hearts.
I worry that she is my future mother,
and my future wife.