Monday, December 26, 2005

A heter

Russian-Jewish-American-Modern-Orthodox --
Living between cultures
has never been easier :)

Happy Holidays.

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Too much holiday spirit?

A group of about 5 women from work are walking the hallways and singing Merry Christmas carrols this morning. They're not especially good, and the whole thing is a bit amusing.

Religion in the workplace is a no-no, but in my view going out into the hallway to marvel at grown professional women singing songs in the middle of a busy day, provides a welcome respite from the daily routine.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

New Photos!

Photos from my trip to Istanbul and Israel below!

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Fun times :)

Our Muslim cousins

I must say I have seen few things more beautiful, more impressive, more glorious than the mosques of Istanbul.

A post-Ramadan fair gets going outside the mosque. Lots of books on sale, including -- of course -- some wonderful Nazi titles, with swastias and magen davids...

That shouldn't stop us from admiring the ceiling:

The women's section, behind the "mehitza". That's in the Fatih mosque:

The Blue Mosque had the women's section up on the balcony:

Chanting the prayer for the sick..:

Streets of Istanbul

"Mister, would you like some hairspray? Or, perhaps, I can interest you in a handgun?"

These rabbits are supposed to predict your fortune by picking up one of those little papers. In my near future, the rabbit said, a $350 little Persian carpet, 30 minutes after this shot. I have no idea what I'm going to do with that carpet, but I just couldn't resist the sales pitch, which included the owner feeding me green tea to warm me up on a damp November night.

They LOVE their flags inTurkey!

More photos!

Finally, below are photos from my amazing trip to Israel over Sukkot.

Coming up soon on this space: San Francisco!

Enjoy :)

All in one

Can all of today's Israel be summed up in one photo? No, but I LOVED the many ironies of this little piece of the old Jewish Quarter:

Here it is in full detail:

Note the entrance to the ancient Roman street on the right, the Habad Road sign, with Arabic letters wiped out, the Israeli flag in the window above, wiped out as well, with the orange ribbon.

Day at the Western Wall, Part 2

I've heard there was a secret chord that David played, and it pleased the Lord...

or "How to charm a cute police woman" :)

City of Contrasts..:

"I'll buy new pants when Moshiach comes":

A day at the Western Wall...

There was an army ceremony by the Wall, a couple Chabad guys were passing by and started dancing around with the soldiers:

...soon, all the soldiers have joined in:

Who said the Charedi don't serve in the army? They do, and at a very young age:

Arabs... cats... Polish peacekeepers..:

Jerusalem tidbits


....and always:

Yes, these are made of phonebooks:

Poor horse!

Hmm whoever said there were too many Russians in Israel, should send a few this way:

Cute in Tzfat

All the way to Beirut?

"What you don't have Chaya Mushka? Who has Chaya Mushka? Oy gevalt!"

Wrong way?


Mixing politics and religion is dangerous business, but some do it with far more class...

...than others:

I wonder what our Parents think...