Saturday, May 29, 2004

Hello world?

Just like one of the millions of cicadas outside my window, I must think of a way to distinguish this blog from all others, and attract someone who I can mate with.
Or at least someone who will read this blog and post cute feedback to make me feel like all this typing has not been in vain.

I have thought that a good blog should be more or less devoted to a certain topic. Unless you live someplace like Iraq or Tanzania, no one wants to read about your boring daily life.

So what should I focus on?

Well, I live in Washington, so I suppose I could do a politics blog! There's an original idea!!! There's never a shortage of material, I could bash Bush or something. I could also bash our boring two-party political system that basically prevents most of us from writing actually interesting posts about current US politics.

Another thing I think about lots is women. I could write about women all day long, as they are very fascinating creatures. But I don't think blogspot would appreciate me posting links to cute females every day. Or would it?

The third idea is to write about the books I read. Those have been quite interesting lately - Bill Bryson, Will Durant, Victor Frankl, Jared Diamond. That could be cool!
This could easily evolve into discussions about the modern world, religion, liberalism, psychology, and other wonderful stuff!

So! Leave a comment voting for one of these 3 ideas -- or propose another alternative --
and since your will likely be the only vote, that will be the idea that I'll adopt as the theme of this here blog.